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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we are frequently asked about junior cricket. If the answer to your question does not appear here, then please CONTACT US! 

For all Blasters programs, or if your child is starting out at Junior level, the club has all the equipment required for them to train and play. We understand that parents like their kids to try different sports and that kids don’t always take to them. We do find that those that do get into it, generally ask for bats and other gear for birthdays, Christmas etc. So a kit can be put together over time and the club can provide the missing items. The one item we do recommend buying from the outset for Juniors is an abdominal guard (or “box”) which is worn to protect the crotch area. They are less than $10 to purchase and not ideal to share!

Kids playing in Juniors receive a FREE Club shirt and broad-brimmed hat upon Entry Level Registration. As they get older Club shirts and hats can be purchased from the Club website. Branded training attire is also available for purchase but is NOT mandatory. Kids will need to wear long cricket pants for matches/training as it makes wearing leg pads more comfortable. They are not required to wear cricket specific shoes. A quality grippy soled trainer is sufficient. Cricket is a Sun Smart sport and a strict ‘no hat no play’ policy is in place. All Junior Club shirts are long sleeved and broad-brim hats are mandatory for this reason.

Games are scheduled in the morning (from 8am). Stage 1 games are over in under 2 hrs and scheduling dictates that they cannot overrun as this will impact the later games. Currently 3hrs is the maximum for Stage 3 games played by Year 8 and above. Again, they do not overrun because Senior Matches follow.  Cricket is a very social sport for parents and spectators, so regardless of the duration, the time passes very quickly!

Most of the Clubs we play are within 15 minutes of our ground.  The home and away schedule is very balanced, so you’re generally only travelling once a fortnight.

Like the matches themselves, training frequency and duration is incremental to age groups, generally between 1 and 2 hrs per week. Days and times vary by Coach, so check the schedule section for your age group.

Glad you asked! Our Club exists purely as a consequence of our Volunteers. All roles from Committee level, to Coaches and Team Managers are unpaid volunteers. If you’ve got a skill, profession or just a spare hour or two each week that could benefit our kids, we’d love to hear from you! Coaches and Managers DO NOT require any previous experience. Cricket Australia & WA Cricket provide training sessions and online resources to get you up to speed in either of these key roles, and our Club’s experienced support network is always here to upskill you ‘on the job’.